Movie Night: Farewell to Autumn (1990)

Movie Night: Farewell to Autumn (1990)

Director Mariusz Trelińśki

An awe-inspiring depiction of a world on the brink of destruction, loaded with eroticism and an atmosphere of madness. The young and decadent Atanazy Bazakbal gets himself into in a perverse relationship with the blond-haired Hela Bertz, daughter of an influential rich man. In the meantime Atanazy is engaged to the Polish noblewoman Zofia Osłabedzka. He proceeds to inform the unknowing Hela and on his way he expels the prince Prepudrecha, Hela’s fiancé, from the palace. The other man, infuriated, challenges him to a duel. Meanwhile, armed enemy units approach the palace.

Supported by Polish Embassy in the Republic of Croatia. Within the project Read Me I am Yours.

Datum: 11.09.2019.

Vrijeme: 19:00h

Lokacija: Cultural Information Centre (KIC)

Adresa: Preradovićeva 5, 10000, Zagreb

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