Disclosure: Leïla Slimani

in conversation with Mima Simić

When in 2016 Leïla Slimani received the Prix Goncourt,the most important French literary award, for her novel Lullaby, it was a testament to the quality of a new star of European literature. In her novels Lullaby and Dans le jardin de l’ogre, Leïla Slimani probes the deepest and most secret traumas and wishes of contemporary society – all that which is pent up under the surface of public speech comes to the surface in her novels. A brilliant stylist who never gives away all the details, rather omits many, leaving them to the readers themselves, Leïla is an author who uncompromisingly places before us all our fears, even those hidden from our vey selves, driving us to question contemporary Western society and our own role in it. Written as psychological thrillers, both Lullaby and Dans le jardin de l’ogre rank amongst the most important novels published globally over the last decade. When we consider also her brilliant essays on the position of the Arab woman both in the West and in the Arab countries, and her uncompromising public engagement, it is clear that we have here an author about whom there is much to discuss. Mima Simić will unmask Leïla Slimani through conversation in this, the Festival’s final event.

*Tickets priced 30 kunas can be bought online at Entrio.hr, or during the Festival at the Festival Bookshop’s counter and at the box office. The seats are not numbered.

Suported by French Institute in Zagreb.

Within the project Read Me I am Yours.

Datum: 14.09.2019.

Vrijeme: 21:00h

Lokacija: Croatian Music Institute - Great Hall

Adresa: Gundulićeva 6, 10000 Zagreb