Black-Necked Swans: Vesna Z. Mimica

Black-Necked Swans: Vesna Z. Mimica

in conversation with Ingrid Poljanić

Vesna Z. Mimica was born in Santiago, Chile. Since 1990, she has lived and worked in Spain. This multiple-award-winning visual artist also does literary work. She is the author of three books, of which two have been translated into Croatian and are awaiting publication. For the Croatian reader, the novel Cisnes de cuello negro/Black-Necked Swans is especially interesting, as its story is based on the true stories of immigration and life of Croats in Tierra del Fuego. There will also be a talk on the contemporary Spanish literary scene and the position of the author in it, and Ingrid Poljanić will host the conversation with the help of a translator.

Datum: 11.09.2019.

Vrijeme: 19:00h

Lokacija: Marko Marulić Public Library

Adresa: Ulica slobode 2, 21000 Split