Split Female Authors of the New Generation: Aleksandra Kardum, Tanja Mravak, Nada Topić

moderated by Ingrid Poljanić

In escaping the stereotypical, archaic division of literature into male and female, we will attempt to uncover in conversation with these successful, younger generation Split female authors, widely read across Croatia, what it is that these young women share, each of whom, though successful, acknowledged and established in her own profession (musical therapist, speech therapist and librarian, respectively), decided at one point to embark on a literary career. Ingrid Poljanić will host a conversation with them that will illuminate what it is that links them, but also what differentiates them, as well as their literary beginnings and their plans for the future.

Datum: 10.09.2019.

Vrijeme: 19:00h

Lokacija: Marko Marulić Public Library

Adresa: Ulica slobode 2, 21000 Split