Dreamcatchers: Darko Cvijetić

Dreamcatchers: Darko Cvijetić

in conversation with Nada Topić

The novel Schindlerov lift/Schindler’s Lift by the Bosnian-Herzegovinian writer, director and dramaturge Darko Cvijetić, uses the story of two of Prijedor’s high-rise buildings to break the silence on the not-so-long-ago, the horrors we witnessed in the 1990s whose results we still feel today. The majority looked the other way, or, as the author puts it, put dreamcatchers above their eyes, in order to sleep at night more easily. For the poetry and prose of Darko Cvijetić outlines to the reader a reality which we often do not dare to look in the eye: the horrors for which there are no words. However, Cvijetić does find the words, and skilfully arranges them into lyrical threads that guard against forgetfulness. Darko Cvijetić is a guest at the month-long Writers in Residence program of the KURS Association in Split. Nada Topić will discuss with the writer his first novel, as well as his collection of poems entitled Snijeg je dobro pazio da ne padne/The Snow Took Good Care Not to Fall (2019).

Datum: 12.09.2019.

Vrijeme: 19:00h

Lokacija: Marko Marulić Public Library

Adresa: Ulica slobode 2, 21000 Split