Festival on Tour: Ivana Šojat

Festival on Tour: Ivana Šojat

in conversation with Jasen Boko

One of the most admired and widely awarded Croatian writers, Ivana Šojat, in her latest novel Ezan/Azan, sets off into the distant history of these lands: the Ottoman rule in in the sixteenth century, when a “blood tax” was customary, the Devshirme, this also being a chance for children to achieve great success and save themselves from poverty. The main hero of the novel, Ibrahim, was named Luka as a child, and as his time nears its end, by the shores of the Danube he tells his own son about his tempestuous life as a janissary. He looks back on his great loves, unforgettable friendships; on the countless battles, from Anatolia to Szigetvár, in which he served; and on his significant encounters with great figures of history, such as Suleiman the Magnificent. Yet Ibrahim will decline all the blessings that come with the Ottoman court – because of his own faith in people. Deeply lyrical, stylistically and structurally perfected, enriched by poetic images of the forgotten Turkish Slavonia of the sixteenth century, Ivana Šojat’s Ezan/Azan is a novel about people, about man’s good and evil – and about us today, who do not differ so much from the sixteenth century people. This novel, like the title’s call to prayer – is a call to all for understanding of, and belief in, mankind.

Datum: 09.09.2019.

Vrijeme: 19:00h

Lokacija: Marko Marulić Public Library

Adresa: Ulica slobode 2, 21000 Split