About festival

The Festival of World Literature was founded by Fraktura Publishing House in 2013. In 7 days at the beginning of September, with the Festival of World Literature, Zagreb and Split become one of the centres of world literature, places to present new titles, where authors discuss their novels and many other topics in panels and round tables. The program of the festival incorporates more events every year, embodying a highly significant cultural platform on a national and international level. The events are moderated by leading literary editors, writers and critics. Every year, around 20 of Croatia’s most distinguished painters make portraits of the Festival participants as well as paintings inspired by motives from their books. As a literary and cultural manifestation, the festival includes literary talks, round tables, film screenings and graphic novel discussions. Opening and closing events of the Festival are accompanied with music performance. The aim of the festival is to bring together the best of local and international literature, through a series of live events, as well as to provide an opportunity for the audience to interact with contemporary writers.